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The main problems that small-medium farms and other agrifood companies face is that they do not have the means (economic, know-how, personnel) to support a quality management system and therefore their products can not com ete the big firms’ products that advertise standardization and quality assurance nor they can keep up. More over, in many cases, big firms buy bulk agricultural products from SM farms, they process these products or they just pack them within a quality management certified environment and they yield the added value of a quality assured product. The problem includes the entire agrifood chain including the transportation, the processing and the storing companies.


This weakness of the small-medium farms leads to an additional problem, if a food safety incident occurs in lot of these products it is impossible to trace back the source of the lot in order to locate the problem and practically impossible to retrieve problematic lots from selling points.

The proposed quality management – traceability application for agricultural products (TAQ) provides information to the consumers, authorities and any other interested party about the production, manufacturing, transportation and storing conditions of the products and getting feedback from them. The application allows producers, manufacturers, transporters and warehouses to fill-in any kind and level of information that will enhance the added value of their products if seen by the customers. This process, will pair the information inserted by the users with the product through a QR-code sticker which will bear a unique connection with the database where the users will insert information. Consequently the application will ensure the identification of every LOT of products allowing traceability for the products involved in the process. The application can also be used as a quality management system platform.

The proposed quality management – traceability application for agricultural products (TAQ)
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With TAQ, agri-food SME’s:

bullet_taqInsert Product and Geographic data

bullet_taqInsert Transportation and Storing data

bullet_taqInsert HACCP-production Data

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“This project is funded by FRACTALS (Future Internet Enabled Agricultural Applications, FP7 project No. 632874), under the funding framework of the European Commission”.